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Improve your casting Techniques

Overhead cast


This is a basic fly cast for beginners. It's very simple to learn and can be practiced at home on the lawn or on an open grassy space (without hooks, of course!) When using an overhead cast, always watch out for overhead electric wires and avoid practising near them.


Roll cast


This is a useful cast, better practised on water than on grass. It gets the fly to the surface in preparation for an overhead cast. The roll cast forms the introduction to learning to Spey cast.


Spey cast


Everyone can learn this technique, which will help you to cast a fly further. As the line does not go out far behind you, Spey casting is much safer for fishing large flies. Spey fishermen developed this technique to use where space on the banks was restricted behind the angler.


Double haul cast


This is a variation of the overhead cast, in which hauling on the line increases the line speed and rod loading. This is an advanced cast, which experienced anglers will enjoy using. It's also useful in salt water fly fishing.


Video Downloads


Click below to download Chris casting.


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