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Chris and his big catch

I have been a farmer in Lincolnshire for 40 years. South Lincolnshire farms are mainly arable, so without the responsibility of stock animals to care for, my brother (with whom I have always worked) and I have been able to indulge our love of fishing. With a passionate interest in the countryside and all its occupants, fishing offers me - and all anglers - far more than just a chance to catch a fish. Rivers and lakes are havens for all kinds of wildlife and a quiet day fishing gives the angler opportunities to see otters, deer, kingfishers, red kites, buzzards and many of the rarer bird species, depending on where you are.


As a small boy, I was lucky enough to spend many hours and days with some wonderful countrymen, both at home and on fishing holidays, who taught me an immense amount about the countryside.


Over the years, I have caught salmon and sea trout in England, Scotland and Wales, and have fished for trout in streams and reservoirs. Nowadays most rivers, such as the Tweed and the Dee, have policies for catch-and-release, encouraging anglers to conserve fish stocks by gently returning any fish they may catch. This can only be good for future generations of anglers.


Chris' dad goes fishing

My father's uncle, Ambrose Lighton, had the art of fishing for relaxation. He used to take the entire summer off to concentrate on angling! My father, Eric Woodward, also loved to fish but he stayed at home to run the family business while Ambrose was away. However, he used to manage a couple of weeks at a time during my childhood, and as soon as I was old enough to be trusted not to fall in the river, I was allowed to join the fun.

I am delighted that my own son, now grown up, loves to fish as much as I do and is an excellent angler. I have high hopes of my grandchildren, but they need to grow a bit more first!


With such a family history, I wanted to share my experience with others. My qualification as an APGAI instructor means that you can have confidence that you will be taught to a national standard. In addition, I make sure that all my students have a good time while they are out fishing with me. We have always had fun fishing, and that's what I aim to pass on to you.



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